Like a Phoenix...

Hopefully we'll rise from the ashes #caffreystrong

We have recently applied for a permit to restore Caffrey's in it's current footprint. Township officials seem to believe that it would most benefit the town to have the Caffrey's building moved from it's current location. Obviously, if we are granted approval to restore in the existing footprint we could be up and running in months rather than the years it will take should we be forced to move the building location.

Visit this page periodically to see how the restoring process is progressing.

Help make a difference and sign the petition to let Caffrey's rebuild
Rebuilding faces a set back
Community support for Caffrey's Tavern

Caffrey's Backyard

Caffrey's Backyard
We want to thank the Forked River community

We want to thank the Forked River community

You came together to help in our time of need. After two decades in business, Caffrey's Tavern was the go-to place for hanging out with friends. Our customers and staff have become a close-knit family, and we look forward to serving you again.

Our appreciative team would like to thank everyone who showed their support, especially:

  • The firefighters
  • The EMTs
  • Our patrons

We want to create a new restaurant that better serves your needs. Keep coming back to our website for photographs of our new pub. #caffreysstrong

Don't wait for the completed restoration

Before long, you can enjoy our Irish food and friendly atmosphere in the new outdoor bar area. That's right, Caffrey's Tavern will be up and running again before the restoring is finished.

As soon as we're done constructing the open-air bar area, we'll post an update here. So check this page often to stay up-to-date on our progress.